Laurie and Brian Shiers

I’m Laurie Shiers and years ago, I began running as a way to burn off my negativity and disappointment.  Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was depressed, and movement was the only release that worked. Thanks to many miles on the road, I got super fit, let go of a lot of anxious energy, and discovered that it was possible to reach a state where my mind was clearer and calmer.  Running became my passion, and to date I’ve completed 11 marathons and countless shorter races.  But it wasn’t until I began studying with a meditation teacher that I discovered I was only half way there. 

I found that if I learned how to build my attention, focus, and  body awareness while I ran, my running experience was transformed.  And after that, it spilled over into every aspect of my life.

Chances are if you run, too, it’s not just to stay in shape. On a good day, after one mile or five, your mind settles down to create, problem-solve, and meander. And the fact is that running in and of itself can be a terrific stress reliever.  But if all you’re doing is hitting the road while your everyday mind is running the show, you’re not even coming close to your potential. Just ask my husband, UCLA MARC Mindfulness Meditation expert Brian Shiers. With an undergraduate degree in kinesiology / exercise science and a master’s in psychology, Brian’s worked with law enforcement, the UCLA women's varsity PAC-10 champion volleyball teams, and thousands of us regular folk to strengthen the mind / body connection and develop the invaluable skill of attention. Together we created Meditation on the Run.

This guided Mindfulness meditation in motion is the result of extensive research, trial and error, and our personal passion for optimizing wellness.  MOTR is the only authentic Evidenced-Based Mindfulness Meditation program for runners of all levels that teaches how to consciously tune your mind while training your body.  It’s a hard-working hybrid that combines rhythmic physical exercise with specific mind training which dramatically magnifies beneficial physical and mental states.  In as little as 15 minutes a couple times a week – using your own running regimen - you’ll develop a deeper awareness that will lead to greatly improved responses to all of life’s stresses, and a deepened perspective that remains long after you’ve finished pounding the pavement.  And don't worry: Meditation on the Run isn't meant to replace running with your favorite music! Use the meditation to train your awareness, and then watch how much more energy you get from the music you enjoy.