People are talking about MOTR....

By Sandy Campanella
I am not exaggerating in any way when I tell you that MOTR has had a HUGE affect on me. It has reminded me to be present. I get so busy sometimes that my head moves on to the next task. Everything felt like a task. Now, I am constantly checking in with myself, my own internal bell, if you will. MOTR has made me better at everything I do and I feel less stressed. Thank you!

By ApesBRunning
I started running again this last February.  I have always been active doing one thing or another, but never really stick with any one thing.   I have swam on my high school and college swim teams, hiked the Grand Canyon ten times and Mount Whitney as well.  Joined the Los Angeles Derby Dolls and recently started running hills and am training for my first triathalon.  I purchased Meditation On The Run as a way to push through the difficult runs better.  What I learned about myself turned out be much more interesting than pushing through difficult runs.  I have a sentence in my mind when things get tough that goes “I HATE THIS.  I AM NEVER DOING IT AGAIN AFTER THIS.  I QUIT.”  The meditation allowed me to observe that thought and take notice at how powerful that thought has been in my life.  The Meditation On The Run mp3 has been an extraordinary tool.  I usually quit most things I start about six months into them.  This awareness of this thought along with all the other thoughts that go on during a run just make up an experience.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Thank you, Meditation On The Run, for shedding some light on some things that are not just about running. 

A Wonderful Addition to Anyone’s Playlist
By Dove Rose
I have been in the fitness industry for over two decades and I have seen a lot of fads and gimmicks come and go.  This concept is so amazingly simple and ingenious at the same time I had to take a moment and share my thoughts.   I feel that this is one of those rare products that embraces the true meaning of health and wellness.  It is about more than just working your body and it is about more than just meditating. They have successfully married the two together and it shows in the final product.  It is a seamless experience of mindful support during your run along with a thread of mindfulness to you breath and your thoughts.  I am happy to find a product that I can stand behind and recommend to my clients.  This is a quality recording of quality material that will take your workouts to the next level while integrating meditation into your day.  Buy this, you won’t regret it!

A must-have download for any runner! 
By Ginna Ladd
I have been a competitive runner for years, and run races both on roads and trails.  I have very little experience with meditation or yoga, but was so pleasantly surprised and impressed with this workout routine!  I was very skeptical of the idea but found I took to it pretty quickly.  I was able to get into a different zone than I am used to.  My run went by quickly, and I was amazed by how easily I was able to calm my mind and thinking down (which can often be difficult for me).  I was able to combine the demanding physical part of the run with calming thoughts and breathing.  Pretty remarkable!  I would recommend this download to anyone!  The narration was soothing and easy to follow and the workout went by quickly.  Runner or not, download this album!

By Plowkings
A really interesting way to help you focus and unwind.  I run to escape and clear my head and this takes it to another level.  It’s worth giving it a shot.